Sonic Wildhearts

It’s not easy, says Michael Wendt from the WMP Labelgroup and Thomas Ritter from Elbmusikverlag & Media SRL. We are always on the lookout for THAT song and THE Artist that will delight adult rock audiences with its irresistible melodies and sounds. Anyone like us, who has been in the business for a long time, (Wendt since 1994, Ritter since 1987) knows that it is very difficult to nigh on impossible to find perfection. So you can imagine how it feels when you find it and then discover there is more…. much more of everything.

We are so excited that we are a little lost for words. So let’s get to the point:

The Norwegian, Ole Halvorsen (residing in Hamburg since 1990), and his band Sonic Wildhearts have written 10 perfect songs and recorded them with Eike Freese at Chameleon Studios.
Halvorsen, in pre-Corona times performed with band and solo up to 200 times a year (mainly in Hamburg). He now performs whenever the current situation permits and was sponsored by “Initiative Musik” for the recordings. Given the high number of applicants for funding and the thorough jury process, this in itself is a seal of approval.

But above all, are the songs.

Before you listen, one more thing:

For Ole Halvorsen & Sonic Wildhearts we need a label that is active in the adult rock sector, has contacts to mainstream rock radio and corresponding TV shows, enjoys making money and whose employees are made up of people with a good ear, higher Market competence and the ability to work in a highly structured manner.

Our (virtual) doors are always open.

Michael Wendt: music [at]
Thomas Ritter: ritter [at]

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